Companion animal training for your urban dog.

Loosely Based around the Kennel Club Good Citizen Tests.

We can start work with puppies as early as 3 weeks old for breeders and 8 weeks old for new homes. There is no upper age limit.

Please note: This service is offered in London, Brighton and Bristol. Please get in touch if you would like a remote version of this service.

Canine Needs Gold Training Package


The Canine Needs Gold is an 8 hour training package, delivered weekly or bi-monthly in one or two hour sessions, one-to-one in a home and public environment. Buying the Gold Training Package reduces the hourly rate to £55 per hour, saving on our standard rate of £60 per hour.

The Package includes:

An initial Consultation plus sit, down, stay, fetch, recall, crate training, house training, car travel, grooming and handling, leave it, walk on lead, other people and dogs, entrance and exit manners, food manners, public places and greetings, down stay in and out of sight and with distractions, send to bed, heel off lead and emergency stops.

Bolt on sets of 3 hours available at £165 for chasing recall, behaviour problems and additional requests.

*This service offers 10% discount for rescue dogs.


Private consultation focussing on a specific behaviour problem. Working in the relevant environment. 

FROM £105.00 PER HOUR*

Behaviour problems are very common in today's urban dogs and many people try to manage them without addressing the issue. This causes a break down in communication between dog and owner and upsets the natural balance of the relationship, this results in a great deal of negativity for both parties. A behaviour consultation will address the issue(s) and provide a solution that works for you. The consultation is charged at £105 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours needed.

*This service offers 10% discount for rescue dogs.




If preferred your dog can come and live with us as part of our family in for a minimum of 2 weeks for complete companion training. This is offered at a cost of £630 per week plus £165 for a 3 hour handover session. Your dog will come back trained to companion level and the handover is done upon the day of return so that you are able to maintain the new behaviours.

The training includes but is not limited to: sit, down, stand, stay, recall, fetch, loose lead walking, crate training, house training, frustration training, grooming and handling, socialisation, other people and dogs, car control, doorway control, emergency stop, distance control, heel off lead, leave it, rejoins, seek backs and go to bed.

We are also able to address most behaviour problems in this environment, including but not limited to: barking, chasing, jumping up, stealing food, fear, frustration, separation related disorders, unruly behaviour in public, dog to dog aggression, depression, overweight, socialisation issues, relationship issues.

Included in this package is free pick up and drop off within M25, a full written training report of your dog's stay with us upon request, temperament testing results, and a complementary Reiki session for your dog. Pictures and updates will also be communicated during your dog's stay. A grooming service is a recommended extra, allowing your dog to experience professional handling and grooming as part of the training, this starts from £30 for a wash, brush, blow-dry, ear cleaning and nail clipping.

*A 25% discount is available if you would like to book this service with a junior trainer. Please get in touch for more details.

This is a very popular service and we only take a maximum of two dogs at a time so please book in advance.